Please peruse the walking tour offerings and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! If you are interested in a custom or private tour, just let me know. I like doing them. I’ll rock it out for you.

Reservations are required for all walking tours: You can either purchase tickets on the website, or you can call me 773.593.4873 or write me at margaretkhicks(at)



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Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 10:30 – 90 minutes – 20$

Your first question may be – what the heck is the Pedway anyway?

And my answer would be, the Pedway (along with Lower Wacker IMHO) is the unsung hero of Chicago.

Sure, some may see only shoe-shine places and convenience stores, but we know better!  When we start to dig into the Pedway and examine it – it reveals itself to be a fascinating study.

The Pedway is a series of walkways that run above and below (mostly below)  buildings in the Loop it’s not a well-known part of the city, a mystery to even the most seasoned natives. It will challenge your logic, your senses (it mostly smells pretty good, I promise!) and definitely your sense of direction. There’s art and beauty and life down there,  and the best part is, you are basically getting a full Chicago highlights tour without ever going outside! So good.

START: Until 1/1/16 The Monday/Thurs tour starts at 40 W. Lake, inside the “Gallery of Shops.” AFTER 1/1/16 the tour starts at The Thompson Center – 100 W. Randolph – come inside and head DOWN the escalator and meet me in the dead center of the food court. I’ll be in my fancy red baseball cap.

The Saturday Pedway Tour starts at Block 37 Mall at 108 N. State between Randolph and Washington.

FINISH: Monday/Thursday ends at Randolph & Michigan. Saturday tour ends at Michigan & Wacker.

EXPECTATIONS: About a mile and a half, good amount of walking, ups and downs and escalators, etc.




Do you love winter? The cold? Do you shake your head when people complain about polar vortices? Do you think the Bean with a pat of snow on might be the cutest thing you have ever seen?

YES!? Then the Winter Tour is for you!  This tour is not for children, the faint of heart or haters of winter. This tour is for the badasses, the courageous, the adventurous!

But wait, you didn’t think I was just going to let you freeze out there did you?? NO WAY! Thanks to the Milwaukee Tool Company – this winter tour will come with a HEATED COAT!!
Wait, what did she say?


Each touree will get their very own M12™ Heated Jacket in bright red! YES! (You don’t get to keep the heated coat, unless you would like to pay A LOT for this tour.) This is a battery operated, heated coat, it even has heated pockets! You also don’t have to wear a coat, it’s up to you, just let me know when you order your tickets. The heated coat will either go under or over your regular coat depending on how cold it is, what size you are, what your regular coat is like, etc.

We’ll start at the cozy Fairmont Hotel to get our coats and layers ready. Then we’ll head out to see the new Maggie Daley Park with it’s very own skating ribbon! Then transition to a more formal Millennium Park, we’ll take selfies at the Bean and learn some crazy Chicago winter facts. We’ll walk a heated bridge and then – the real brave part – we head to the lake! Frothing and foaming, colder than ice, the lake is a beautiful sight not many people have the guts to seek out in winter. But it’s BEAUTIFUL and furious and lovely. Then we return to the Fairmont where a complimentary hot drink awaits.

There will be “warming” breaks here and there, but I’m going to be honest with you here, we will not be turning back for cold! If you get too cold, you are more then welcome to turn back, however no refunds will be given for too cold**. YOU WILL PREPARE for the cold weather, the coat can only do so much and you must be responsible for the rest. Please see this link on What To Wear In Winter In Chicago. No messing around with this stuff, it is important that you give a Chicago winter the respect it deserves. This tour is not for the slightly dressed.

The Winter Tour

**If it is dangerously cold outside, your lovely tour guide will take care of you. We’re still going outside, but we’ll do a lot more warm breaks and the path of the tour may change a bit, but that is only under very extreme conditions. Not much will scare away us away.

Tour Times

Fridays 3:00-4:30pm
Saturdays 1:00-2:30pm
Sundays: 8:00-9:30am (hardcore)

Tour Prices

The Heavy Duty Winter Tour is $25 per person.

What to expect

Cold. Expect it to be cold.

My responsibility:

The heated Milwaukee Tools M12 coat – make sure you indicate size when you order

Your responsibility:

Everything that goes on under your coat
Long underwear
Lots of layers
*Better to have too much than too little*


THE FOLLOWING TOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE TOURS OR BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! I’m fun by appointment only, which really just means, “private tour.”A private tour can be as little as one or two people (it’s a 75$ minimum!) so it’s not fancy, unless you want it to be fancy!







Fresh off the success of a Second City tour, the 12-year improv vet who’s “done funny” at the Playground, iO and Annoyance, among others, says she’ll break into impersonations, which include urban planner Daniel Burnham, the late Mayor Richard J. Daley (who, she added, “sounds remarkably similar to Junior”) and Bertha Palmer. – Time Out Chicago

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