Please peruse the walking tour offerings and if you have any questions,  feel free to ask! Also, if you’re interested in a custom or private tour, just let me know. I like doing them. I’ll rock it out for you.

Reservations are required for all walking tours: You can either purchase tickets on the website, or you can call me 773.593.4873 or write me at




Monday & Thursday & Saturday at 10:30 – 90 minutes – 20$

Chicago’s Pedway, a series of heated walkways, passages and tunnels, serves as the backdrop for an amusing and enlightening tour of some of the hot-spots (or a least warm-spots) of downtown Chicago.  The walking tour focuses on interesting anecdotes and tales about some of the great buildings downtown, but it’s also a study of the city underneath the city. The Chicago Pedway is a  strange and wonderful place and adds so much to the city’s personality. These are great tours for Chicagoans who want to learn more about the city and for tourists who want a full Chicago experience without ever going outside.

START: The Monday and Thursday tours start at 40 W. Lake, inside the “Gallery of Shops.”

The Saturday Pedway Tour starts at Block 37 Mall at 108 N. State between Randolph and Washington.

FINISH: Mon/Thurs ends at Randolph & Michigan. Saturday tour ends at Michigan & Wacker.

EXPECTATIONS: About a mile and a half, good amount of walking, ups and downs and escalators, etc.



Finally a tour for people who love winter! This winter walking tour snakes us through the new and totally trippy Maggie Daley Park, through Millennium Park and then we venture out onto the lake! The thing is, each touree will get their very own M12™ Heated Jacket in bright red! YES! (You don’t get to keep the heated coat, unless you would like to pay A LOT for this tour.) You also don’t have to wear a coat, it’s up to you, just let me know when you order your tickets. The heated coat will either go under or over your regular coat depending on how cold it is, what size you are, what your regular coat is like, etc.

There will be “warming” breaks here and there, but I’m going to be honest with you here, we will not be turning back for cold! If you get too cold, you are more then welcome to turn back, however no refunds will be given for too cold**. YOU MUST PREPARE for the cold weather, the coat can only do so much and you must be responsible for the rest. Please see this link on What to Wear in Chicago. No messing around with this stuff alright?

START: The Fairmont Hotel – 200 N. Columbus

FINISH: The Fairmont Hotel

EXPECTATIONS: Cold! Expect it to be cold. You must prepare yourself! A heated coat can only do so much…




Friday & Saturday 1:00PM $28.00 – this includes your binoculars that you get to keep! Tour is 90 minutes-ish.

This tour will change the way you look at the world around you forever. I mean that too. ForEVER!!! If architecture is the mother of all arts, what is the art that adorns the mother of all arts!? Am I right?

Armed with a pair of binoculars (that you get to keep!), and a hilarious and knowledgeable tour guide (me!),  we head out to look where no one else really is, ON THE BUILDINGS. Do you have any idea what’s really up there? I do! We’ll meet griffins, demons and gargoyles! There are Satyrs and Green Men, laughing sphinxes and some mythical animals I really need to ask your opinion on, because I have no idea what they are!

There’s a language here, a language we used to know but have since forgotten. We’ll see all the great creatures on the buildings and learn where they came from but also why.  Ornament may be useless – structurally useless- but it’s not arbitrary. Come with me and learn the language again – it’s not so hard – like riding a bike.

The tour ends at the Tribune Tower, the grandaddy of ornament – and we’re not even talking about the stones in the base – that’s child’s play…

START: Daley Plaza – 50 W. Washington in front of the Picasso sculpture – I’ll be in the red baseball cap.

FINISH: Tribune Tower – 400 N. Michigan

EXPECTATIONS: This tour moves quickly! We walk about a mile, maybe a mile and a half. There is looking up! Not all the time, but there will definitely be looking up. City streets and all that entails – curbs, noise, street. The tour is all outdoors, so dress for the weather!



Friday & Saturday at 4:00PM – 90 minutes – 20$

Ok, you’re not sure what you want? Pedway, Creatures, Disasters?? Margaret! Just show me Chicago, show me the Loop. Fill me in. Tell me what’s up. Highlights. Lowlights. Stop lights. Let’s do this!

Let’s! Come with me, we walk all around, we talk skyscrapers and rich people and fancy hotels and art and we see and hear and smell the city and we walk down State Street and talk about Ayn Rand sometimes or who knows what could happen. Sometimes I cry talking about Louis Sullivan so just come with me, we’ll have the best time, I promise.

START: Harold Washington Library lobby – 400 S. State

FINISH: Cultural Center – 78 E. Washington

EXPECTATIONS: A pretty good walk, we clip along. It’s city streets, some stairs, elevators, escalators, etc. Maybe 1 – 1.5 miles.




What do a dense army captain, an unbalanced boat and mess of ghost cows have in common? They’re all included on the Disaster! Tour. This award winning tour (named Best New Tour by Chicago Magazine!)  takes you through a series of unfortunate incidents, from the largest theater fire in the history of the world, to the um…mistake…made by the Dave Matthews Band in 2004.  We’ll wander through creepy alleys, go underground to the Pedway and look out for ghosts swimming in the Chicago River. No part of the urban fabric is free from mayhem! Come discover how human folly and regrettable timing led to Chicago’s greatest disasters and alternately, it’s greatest victories. This tour does have some sensitive information on it, it’s a death and destruction tour, but we probably laugh more on this tour than any other, don’t let the death and destruction scare you.

START: The NW Corner of Wacker & Wabash by the statue of George Washington and friends.

FINISH: Clark St. and the river

EXPECTATIONS: This tour is a good amount of walking in and around the Loop, about a mile and a half. It’s a  quick-moving tour with ups and downs, escalators and a few stairs and such.



THE FOLLOWING TOURS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE TOURS OR BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! I’m fun by appointment only, which really just means, “private tour.”A private tour can be as little as one or two people (it’s a 60$ minimum!) so it’s not fancy, unless you want it to be fancy!

THE RIVERWALK (lots of great architecture!)







Fresh off the success of a Second City tour, the 12-year improv vet who’s “done funny” at the Playground, iO and Annoyance, among others, says she’ll break into impersonations, which include urban planner Daniel Burnham, the late Mayor Richard J. Daley (who, she added, “sounds remarkably similar to Junior”) and Bertha Palmer. – Time Out Chicago