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It’s the Pedway or the Highway

January 18, 2010 9 Comments »

When I decided to start my own tour company, I knew I wanted to do something different. But the time and place of my decision to strike out on my... Read More »

A Million Times – Daley Center Edition

January 13, 2010 2 Comments »

Well, we’ve probably all walked by Daley Center a million times right? And we’ve wondered why the building looks so rusted and really, what is up with the Picasso? Todays... Read More »

The Not So Starving Artists

January 11, 2010 2 Comments »

I’ve seen these commercials my whole life: You know these, the Starving Artists. I’ve always wanted to go and my mom so happens to live in Skokie…so off I went... Read More »

You Say Dubai, But I Say Hello

January 8, 2010 No Comments »

It’s a big week for an architecture buff like myself. The tallest building in the world has opened it’s doors and I for one might pee myself a little. The... Read More »

A Million Times – The Wilmette Theater

January 6, 2010 8 Comments »

I grew up on the North Shore; no, we didn’t go racing around in our very own Porsches or go on $1,000 shopping sprees. We did have a breakfast club... Read More »

New Year

January 4, 2010 No Comments »

Today’s post is a little less about Chicago and a little more about your favorite tour guide, me. One thing I really want out of Chicago Elevated is to also... Read More »

Technical Difficulties

December 30, 2009 No Comments »

Well, my computer has crashed. It was bound to happen. I’m on my husband’s computer and my husband needs his computer, so please bear with me and Chicago Elevated while... Read More »

A Chicago Christmas

December 28, 2009 No Comments »

I had a really nice Christmas this year, I got to spend a lot of time with my family and I got to spend some time doing Chicago things I... Read More »

Happy Holidays

December 23, 2009 No Comments »

Chicago Elevated will be off until Monday to celebrate the holiday season. I hope everyone has a merry holiday! Thank you for reading. Really, Chicago Elevated is my Christmas. Cliche?... Read More »

Between Bertha & Burnham. Talk About A Rock And A Hard Place

December 21, 2009 No Comments »

I’m no feminist, or maybe I’m a huge one. But certainly in my chosen field of study, feminism is dead or was never really alive in the first place. Architecture... Read More »