Chicago Elevated Walking Tour Info

Do I need to book tickets ahead of time?
Yes please! You can always purchase tour tickets online or call me at  (773.593.4873) or email margaret(at) for a reservation. If you have any questions you can always call me, any, anytime.

I tried making a reservation and it tells me dates are not available, what’s up with that?
Well, hopefully that means I sold out that day or booked it for a private tour! Try again for another date, if you’re stuck, give me a call or email me, I can help!

What is the cost of your fabulous walking tours? How long do they last?
Tour prices and times vary depending on the tour! Check each tour for times and prices.

What if I’m running late? Can I catch up? Why won’t you answer your phone? I’m RUNNING LATE!
Generally if you’re 5-10  minutes late it’s no problem. Longer than that, I can’t do too much to help. I turn my phone off during tours so I can give all my attention to the group. And on most tours, it’s not that easy to find us, cause we go all around! If you do miss the tour, let me know and we can exchange dates, etc.

Will you, the lovely Margaret, be giving all the tours?
YES! I will. If you make a reservation with Chicago Elevated, you’re hanging with me.

How will I know who you are?
I will be wearing my handsome Chicago Elevated red baseball cap.

Where do I buy tickets for that fun Second City Tour?
You buy those through Second City –

Do you do group tours or private tours?
You bet I do. I do ’em up. I can do a general Loop tour, or you can pick from one of the designated tours. Or we can see whatever you’d like! Private tours are $25 per person with a 60$ minimum.  If you’re interested in a group tour, private tour, customized tour, tour tour….just give me a call at 773.593.4873 or email me at margaret(at) I’d love to!

Do tours run rain or shine?
Yes’m they do. Tours will continue no matter rain or snow, so prepare yourself for the weather! The only time I’ll cancel a tour is on an EXTREMELY pretty day. Kidding…

What’s your cancellation policy?
Tickets can be exchanged or refunded if it’s 24 hours in advance. If I cancel the tour for any reason, you will receive a full refund and a hearty apology and maybe a cookie.

Is there a minimum number of people that you will go out with?
Yes, if there is one person scheduled for the tour, I will cancel the tour and refund your money. But shoot, that never happens….right?

Can I bring my children?
Whew, that’s a big question. Yes, of course you can. Check the tour descriptions to see if the tour you’re interested in is light walking or stairs, etc. Strollers, etc. tend to not be a problem. Will your kids like the tour? Can’t promise that. Although I am a riot, so there’s a good chance. Let me know when making a reservation if you have any questions about this.

Are your tours handicap accessible?
Many of my tours are, you bet. Just let me know when you’re making your reservation so that I can make sure you know what to expect and have all the information that you need.

Are you the ABSOLUTE best tour guide in Chicago?
Well…gosh, who said that I wonder?



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  1. Looking for a description of the Sunday 8am Winter Tour – perhaps its right in front of me – but I don’t see it. Please send a link.

  2. I am planning a group of 7 for a Saturday tour this summer. Do you have any dates available? Even when I just put in ONE person, it says not available

  3. I’d like to give a gift certificate for your pedway tour to my daughter and son-in-law, for a date that they’ll have to choose in the future. [How] Can I do that ?

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