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  1. I would like to have a group of 4 attend the pedway tour during December. I am curious as to how much of the 40 block tunnels/pedway do we actually see? I am more interested in the intricacies of the pedway than Macy and the chicago cultural center.

  2. Hi Margaret–
    I’m eager to meet you and take a tour!
    Two issues: Your tour write-ups may intrigue my husband Jim Spiegler.
    I have multiple sclerosis, I use a wheelchair to get around. Can you customize a tour to accommodate a WC?

  3. Hi Margaret,
    I’ve emailed a few times with no reply. I’d really love to book a private pedway tour for my husband’s birthday; can you help?!

  4. Will you do tours tomorrow? I have heard that there is access to escalators. Is there an option to escalators such as stairs?

  5. Just read the article in Chicago Tribune by Barbara Brotman. Wonderfully written with glowing remarks about the pedway. Would like to take the tour on July 13, along with my triplet grandchildren and husband.

  6. will you have tours Nov 2015 onward? Are they just not available to book yet? I’m looking to book 2 for 11/1/15. thanks!
    I’m a repeat customer wanting my husband to enjoy the fun this time.

  7. Is there a max number for a tour? Thinking about getting our designers out in the fresh air for a day. Love the upcoming smackdown idea.

  8. What tours will you be offering on Dec. 3rd, Saturday? There are 4 of us gals with no physical limits.

  9. Hi Im a 6th grade teacher in Minooka Illinois, 45 minutes south of the city. I’d like to take my yearbook club kids on a tour of a publishing or printing press. Maybe the Chicago Freedom Center or something like that. Is this something you could arrange? There are about 37 students and a couple of teachers.

  10. Hi Margaret: Is there a way to give a gift certificate for one of your pedway tours? I wouldn’t know when to book it…Thanks

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