The Pedway Tour in the Chicago Tribune!

The Chicago Tribune had an article for “5 Fun Ways to be a Cool Newbie in Chicago,” and the Pedway Tour made it to the list!

My favorite is this:

Hicks, an iO and Second City veteran, walks and talks comedy. With her animated facial expressions, firecracker finger-snaps and entertaining anecdotes, Hicks will enlighten you with little-known Chicago facts, myths and history.

Thank you Chicago Tribune!


Chicago Elevated loves the Pedway!

The Chicago Pedway Tour Details


TIMES: Monday/Thursday/Saturday at 10:30 – The Monday/Thursday start location is different than the Saturday start location.

PRICE: The tour is 90 minutes and is 20$.

EXPECTATIONS: It’s about a mile of walking, there are lots ups and downs, lots of escalators and some stairs, revolving doors, etc. If you have a walker, stroller, etc., be aware that the pedway can get complicated with it’s ups and downs. If you have any questions or concerns about that, just give me a buzz!

DESCRIPTION: This strange, fun and unique tour takes you through one of the city’s least understood spaces, the Chicago Pedway. The Pedway is a series of walkways that connect building to building so that we don’t have to go outside in the winter, or the summer…or ever for that matter!!  But there is oh so much more to the Pedway than convenience stores and Dunkin’ Donuts! Although…SEVEN Dunkin Donuts in the pedway!  It is a strange urban space that even Chicagoans don’t know about.

The entire tour is inside, we are (mostly) warm in the winter and (mostly) cool in the summer.  I will lead you in hilarious and fascinating fashion as we traverse up and down, around and back, up, inside and around and through some of the great buildings of the Loop, the Pedway never does anything in a straight line. We talk about the Pedway itself, but we also talk about Chicago history and architecture; we see great lobbies and there are a couple of instances of Tiffany glass, so you can’t beat that. This is a quirky, fun, affordable tour and I love showing the pedway to people, locals and visitors alike.

The Mon/Thurs tour is more architectural, we’re seeing the pretty interiors of  City Hall, the Thompson Center and Macy’s – truly breathtaking:

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE MONDAY OR THURSDAY PEDWAY TOUR – start at 40 W. Lake in the “Gallery of Shops” – we will finish by Michigan and Randolph

The Saturday tour is a little….less apologetic….than the other tour. We still see great buildings like Macy’s and the Cultural Center but then the Pedway gets a little gritty, but like, cool, weird, Chicago gritty.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE SATURDAY PEDWAY TOUR – start at Block 37 – 1 W. Randolph – meet me at the Guest Services Desk – we will finish by Michigan and Wacker

“Margaret Hicks is such an amiable and personable tour guide and is very knowledgeable about Chicago’s architecture, history, facts, and myths. We were shown areas we didn’t know existed and just had the greatest time while staying warm and entertained.” Judi from Memphis