The Disaster! Tour Details

This tour will run until 11/2/14 and then it will go on hiatus until warmer days. It is available as a private tour or choose one of the other tours, like the Pedway Tour, that run all year!

TIMES: Thursday and Sunday at 1:00PM – the tour is 90 minutes and is 20$.

EXPECTATIONS: This tour is about a mile and a half – a good amount of walking in city streets and all that entails. It’s a fairly quick-moving tour with ups and downs, escalators, stairs, revolving doors, curbs, etc.

KIDS: Sure, this tour is great for kids as long as they’re not too sensitive, we do talk death and destruction! And mayhem!

“If there’s a flaw, it’s human. It always is.” – Colin Farrel – Minority Report

DESCRIPTION: What do a dense army captain, an unbalanced boat and mess of ghost cows have in common? They’re all included on the Disaster! Tour. This award winning tour (named Best New Tour by Chicago Magazine!)  takes you through a series of unfortunate incidents, from the largest theater fire in the history of the world, to the um…mistake…made by the Dave Matthews Band in 2004.  We’ll wander through creepy alleys, go underground to the Pedway and look out for ghosts swimming in the Chicago River. No part of the urban fabric is free from mayhem! Come discover how human folly and regrettable timing led to Chicago’s greatest disasters and alternately, it’s greatest victories. This tour does have some sensitive information on it, it’s a death and destruction tour, but we probably laugh more on this tour than any other, don’t let the death and destruction scare you.

We took the “Disaster” tour on labor day weekend with our 2 teenagers. Margaret was energetic and engaging and had just the kinds of stories that held the kids’ interest. It was a great way to learn about some of the architecture and history that has formed Chicago’s personality. Margaret is a great guide, and if we’re in Chicago again, we’d definitely go on another of her tours. Highly recommended! – JJ from St. Paul



The Disaster! Tour in the Chicago Tribune!


Last week the Disaster! Tour made it into the Chicago Tribune. Take a look if you like to learn a little more about the tour!

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