Best Tour Guide in Chicago


Yes! I’m so glad you’re here! Hi!!!

I’m Margaret, your tour guide (best tour guide in Chicago, AHEM) hello…hi…hello…

A little about me:

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so I’m from here. It is apparent in all that I do, my accent, the way I cross the street, the way I don’t eat ketchup on my hot dogs. I moved to the city after college and started at the Second City Comedy Club. I kissed a number of relatively famous people and wandered through the city in a hazy gauze of pride mixed with a total ignorance of history, architecture or anything important that happened here.

Then, I did the smartest, dumbest thing I have ever done.

I moved to New York City.

What was I thinking? A pragmatic Chicagoan, a child of the Second City – spinning her wheels in the the First City? It was not what I imagined. I had fun in NYC and I’m thankful I learned another city  (these are the nice things I have to say about NYC) but I moved home, fast.

When I got back to Chicago I promised never to take it for granted again – and I haven’t, not one day. I became a tour guide 10 years ago (the best tour guide in Chicago, ahem) and it was the greatest turn anyone’s life has ever taken.

My improv and comedy training guarantee that you won’t be bored; you won’t get a scripted same old  same old from me. I’ve never given the same tour twice, not ever. I work hard to certify my information is correct and on point, I may be an improviser, but I don’t make stuff up!

My passion for this beautiful city will promise you all the drama, peaks, valleys, comedy and love that this city has to offer. Each tour is it’s own unique adventure and that’s what makes me fall in love with my work over and over. I keep my groups small, because that’s how I prefer it, and it’s better for all of us.

Let me know what I can do for you! Perhaps we can set up a private tour. Or check out the Chicago Pedway Tour. Not sure if you want inside or outside? Try the Chicago Mix Tour!

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you and excited to get out on the streets!


Best tour guide in Chicago

11 thoughts on “About Me – The Best Tour Guide in Chicago (and the most humble)

  1. Good morning!

    I’m in Chicago with 2 colleagues and we are considering opening up a new office/branch of our company in Chicago. We’d like to do a 2-hour private tour of the city so that we can get a feel for the neighborhoods better (unfortunately, 2 hours is all we have). Given the business model, we’re most interested in high density neighborhoods that have medium/high levels of affluence. I know you usually do walking tours, but perhaps you could drive us around or we could even drive you around (we have a car)?

    We’re only available from 130-330pm, give or take 15 minutes. Is that doable for you and what would the price be?

    Feel free to just call vs. email me and either way, I myself will give you a ring in an hour, but wanted to give a little advance warning.

    Thank you!


  2. I signed up for the pedway tour for July 6 at 10:30 am, but I can not find information on where to meet. Please let me know where the tour starts

  3. I want to sign up for tour, however can.t find starting place for June 2nd. I know its 10:30 am, but where do we start from….

  4. I went and did the second city tour earlier this summer, around July 4th. You were fantastic. I’m coming back and I’ll do the tour again, hoping you’re my guide. This will be my friend’s first time in the city and we’ll look into the other guides you offer. Thank you so much for you’re upbeat attidude and knowledge of second city.

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