Details for The Binoculars Tour

This tour will run until 11/2/14 and then it will go on hiatus until May. It is available as a private tour or choose one of the other tours, like the Pedway Tour it runs all year! Call me at 773.593.4873 if you have any questions.

TIMES: Friday &  Saturday 1:00PM

PRICE: $28.00 – this includes your binoculars that you get to keep! Tour is 90 minutes-ish.

START: Daley Plaza – 50 W. Washington in front of the Picasso sculpture – I’ll be in the red baseball cap

FINISH: Roughly Michigan Ave and the river.

EXPECTATIONS: RSVP strongly encouraged, I need to know to bring your binoculars!

This tour moves quickly! We walk about a mile and a half. There is looking up! Not all the time, but there will definitely be looking up. City streets and all that entails – curbs, noise, street. The tour is all outdoors, so dress for the weather!

KIDS: So. I’ll warn you, the ideas on this tour are big! Art and life and death and God and fortune and failure. Also, it’s a good walk, over a mile. If your kid likes the big ideas and is a good walker, then I’d love to have them! But I do think a lot of it can go over little ones’ heads. Follow your heart!


This tour will change the way you look at the world around you forever. I mean that too. ForEVER!!! If architecture is the mother of all arts, what is the art that adorns the mother of all arts!? Am I right?

Armed with a pair of binoculars (that you get to keep!), and a hilarious and knowledgeable tour guide (me!),  we head out to look where no one else really is, ON THE BUILDINGS. Do you have any idea what’s really up there? I do! We’ll meet griffins, demons and gargoyles! There are Satyrs and Green Men, laughing sphinxes and some mythical animals I really need to ask your opinion on, because I have no idea what they are!

There’s a language here, a language we used to know but have since forgotten. We’ll see all the great creatures on the buildings and learn where they came from but also why.  Ornament may be useless – structurally useless- but it’s not arbitrary. Come with me and learn the language again – it’s not so hard – like riding a bike.

Come out with me! Grab your binoculars, lean against a building and look up, see the beauty and the artistry that most people today never, ever see.


If you’re looking for a dry, talking-head, Sgt. Friday “just the facts, ma’am” sort of historic tour, then look elsewhere. What you’ll receive from Margaret is a delightful and fun experience that doesn’t skimp on the facts. The value I received far exceeded the nominal fee: Margaret clearly delivered everything I anticipated, plus much more. Highly, highly recommended. – Ted from IL

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