Private Tours of Chicago – Affordable, Fun, Group Tours of Chicago!

I love doing private tours of Chicago! They’re the best. Sure, I give walking tours, scheduled, public walking tours. And they are great! The Disaster! Tour, The Pedway Tour, The Loop Tour, I mean, the Binocular Tour? – all great. It’s so fun to go out with a group of people.

If you’ve got a group, large or small, let’s do a private tour!  Private tours are affordable, starting out at 25$ per person for a 90 minute tour (60$ minimum). So it can be one person, or three people or ten people. Easy peasy see? Got a group over 10? Talk to me, I can do group and corporate outing discounts and customize for your group.

A lot of other tour places in Chicago can’t really do private tours, they don’t have enough time or they need big groups to fill out their scheduled tours, not me! No way, I totally have time for you and we can go out for one hour or three hours, or FIVE THOUSAND HOURS. I would do it too, I totally would.

We could see the Loop, or a neighborhood, or do both, or neither. I could pick you up from your hotel and drop you at your favorite restaurant. I’ve gotten really good at keeping tourees warm for tours – so, sensitive to the cold? I got you! You like it cold and are totally bundled up and ready to go? I got you! The possibilities and the flexibilities are endless! We could go really early in the morning, or do an evening, cocktail hour tour. Do you see? Endless! Send me an email – margaret(at) or call me! 773.593.4873.

See how much fun?



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