The Pedway Tour in the Chicago Tribune!

The Chicago Tribune had an article for “5 Fun Ways to be a Cool Newbie in Chicago,” and the Pedway Tour made it to the list!

My favorite is this:

Hicks, an iO and Second City veteran, walks and talks comedy. With her animated facial expressions, firecracker finger-snaps and entertaining anecdotes, Hicks will enlighten you with little-known Chicago facts, myths and history.

Thank you Chicago Tribune!


3 thoughts on “The Pedway Tour in the Chicago Tribune!

  1. Just missed the two hour deadline for the 10:30 Pedway tour this morning and wondering if it is still possibke for four if us to sign up for this morning’s tour. I missed the two hour notice when i pulled this up online and we’d love to do it

  2. Took the pedway tour on May 10. We had a great time. Margaret is funny and makes the tour interesting. We will do the binoculars tour with Margaret when we return to Chicago. We went back a few days later and rewalked the pedway that we toured just to see if we could remember it. Then Friday, when it was cold, we found ouselves in a different part of the pedeway and followed it for a few blocks until we came out on State Street. There was a different tour and we sorta hung with it for a little while. So glad we had Margaret, the guy was boring compared to her. Now we are interested in doing more parts of the pedway and when we return we will copy the map to see how much we can cover.

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