The Favorite Things Tour – A quirky, fun, affordable tour of Chicago’s Loop

This tour is available as a private tour or choose one of the other tours, like the Pedway Tour it runs all year!

TIMES: Friday and Saturday at 4:00PM. The tour is 90 minutes and is 20$.

EXPECTATIONS: About a mile of walking, easy pace. We are outdoors most of the time so definitely dress for the weather. We are wandering city streets and all that entails – curbs, noise, etc.,

DESCRIPTION: Ok, you’re not sure what you want? Pedway, Creatures, Disasters?? Margaret! Just show me Chicago, show me the Loop. Fill me in. Tell me what’s up. Highlights. Lowlights. Stop lights. Let’s do this!

Let’s! Come with me, we walk all around, we talk skyscrapers and rich people and fancy hotels and art and we see and hear and smell the city and we walk down State Street and talk about Ayn Rand sometimes or who knows what could happen. Sometimes I cry talking about Louis Sullivan so just come with me, we’ll have the best time, I promise.


She has a brilliant way of explaining complicated things in a concise and humorous manner (I now know what postmodernism means in architecture, which is something I thought I’d never hear myself say!) If that sounds like a dry subject matter, it isn’t – if you take this tour, you’ll get a whirlwind history of the architecture of Chicago and discover some of the larger than life characters that shaped the building of the city. – Mike from the UK


3 thoughts on “The Favorite Things Tour – A quirky, fun, affordable tour of Chicago’s Loop

  1. Hi Margaret – I’m a friend of Jason Kucherway and in Chicago for the next few days for Blues Fest with 3 friends. We’d love to take your The Loop tour tomorrow at 1:00 but it didn’t come up as an option when we tried to buy tickets online. Is it sold out? If so, would you have time tomorrow to give the four of us a private tour?

    I’ll check back later today to see if you can fit us in.


  2. Hi Margaret, my wife and I are coming to Chicago the last week in June. I read about the Pedway and the Loop tours. Do you have a reco on which tour to take if we only have time for one? We’ve done the river tour and love seeing the buildings and knowing some of the history. But most of the things I read about your tours relate to the Pedway tour.

  3. Hi!, my husband and I will be in town for work. The only day we have available for sightseeing is monday jul 15 and we really wanted to do the loop tour. Could that be posible? It doesnt have to be a private tour, we dont mind sharing the tour with another group.
    Hope to hear from you!

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