The “Chicago Rules” Tour – A Different Kind of Walking Tour

This is not a regularly scheduled tour, but can definitely be booked privately for a 70$ minimum, or for larger groups or corporate events.

35$ per person (cash for a CTA card and a treat at the end is included. Yay! That is great.)

The idea of the Chicago Rules tour is simple. I’m going to give you a primer on Chicago so you have all the info you need to enjoy your vacation or your new hometown. But I’m not going to stand around and point at buildings and throw out random information about things that happened 100 years ago (I mean, I might a little).

First we’ll learn why the city looks the way it does. We’ll start by learning some history for a little context. Chicago has a crazy history, just you wait. We’ll stand in one of our finest plazas and gaze at our greatest art form, the skyscraper. We’ll talk about the fire and it’s impact on the city that we still feel today and how Mrs. O’Leary really got a raw deal.

Next we’ll learn how to get around. I’ll teach you how to orient yourself on Chicago’s grid system. We’ll learn the Pedway – Chicago’s five-mile underground walkway that runs underneath downtown. It’s possible it could save your life one day, it’s definitely saved mine!

Then we’ll check out CTA maps and the different train lines. We’ll buy a pass together and hop on the elevated line for a gorgeous train trip around the Loop. We can talk about all kinds of stuff or just enjoy the ride.

If you want to get the most out of Chicago, either as a tourist or a transplant, come on the Rules tour. Remember, I’m a tour guide AND a comedian, so I’ll always be giving it to you straight.

Oh and hey, did I mention the Chicago hot dog at the end of the tour? No?


Contact me at 773.593.4873 or to book the Rules Tour for your group!




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  1. I’m the new family tour guide at the Chicago History Museum and wanted to say – this tour (Chicago Rules) is a brilliant idea. Well done. I will recommend to anyone I can.

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