So Far Away From Me

Chicago Elevated is getting out of dodge.

So far out of dodge, dodge doesn’t even know what’s up.

Chicago Elevated and her better half (also known as “John”) are headed to Morocco in October. I’ve been fielding questions about how all my tours are sold out in October. Oh if that were really how it was, sold out for a solid month, that would be pretty fun. But the real answer is – I’ll be riding camels. I chose to put the tours on hiatus for a few weeks instead of hiring a guide, because…well…I feel great ownership over my tours. I can’t even really think about handing them over for a few weeks. So that’s why, in case you’re wondering!

John and I really love traveling. We’ve been to Thailand and India, and we’re about three weeks out from landing in Marrakesh. And currently – just a few weeks before we leave – I’m absolutely terrified. And also pretty excited. Part of the reason I wanted to work for myself was so that we could travel more. And here we are.

My husband John takes really beautiful photographs. He also films some really cool stuff. I write things and make videos about silly stuff sometimes. But we want to share our travels and experiences and so, well, here’s how to follow along with us.

Lost and Found Travel

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John and I are not travel experts, this is part of the fun, you’re learning with us. We make mistakes. We make them all the time. Like the time we heard the wise advice for India: If you’re caught in a situation, speak Spanish, the Indians don’t know Spanish and it will allow you to bow out gracefully.

Uh, we tried that and the guy started speaking Spanish so fast we just had to run away.

We just want to share what we see, in an unpretentious and hilarious manner.

We’ll be leaving in a few weeks, and we’ll be posting from Morocco, filming and writing, all of the above. I hope you’ll join us.
And watch out for Chicago while I’m gone please? Thank you. So so much.

2 thoughts on “So Far Away From Me

  1. Okay, so obviously it’s been far too long since I actually really *looked* at your site (aside from reading your blog posts). I had no idea you did weekend tours! JOY!

    Also, when I first discovered your site, I remember you explaining how your pedway tours were scheduled so people could go one them during their lunch breaks. Now I see they’re at 10:30am. Sooo…now you know why I was referring to Bob’s lunch breaks not lining up when I was explaining why we had never gone on the Pedway tour.

    And dammit, I REALLY wanna do the Pedway tour! But 10:30am?? Whyyyyy

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