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TIMES: Monday/Thursday/Saturday at 10:30 – The Monday/Thursday start location is different than the Saturday start location.

PRICE: The tour is 90 minutes and is 20$.

EXPECTATIONS: It’s about a mile of walking, there are lots ups and downs, lots of escalators and some stairs, revolving doors, etc. If you have a walker, stroller, etc., be aware that the pedway can get complicated with it’s ups and downs. If you have any questions or concerns about that, just give me a buzz!

DESCRIPTION: This strange, fun and unique tour takes you through one of the city’s least understood spaces, the Chicago Pedway. The Pedway is a series of walkways that connect building to building so that we don’t have to go outside in the winter, or the summer…or ever for that matter!!  But there is oh so much more to the Pedway than convenience stores and Dunkin’ Donuts! Although…SEVEN Dunkin Donuts in the pedway!  It is a strange urban space that even Chicagoans don’t know about.

The entire tour is inside, we are (mostly) warm in the winter and (mostly) cool in the summer.  I will lead you in hilarious and fascinating fashion as we traverse up and down, around and back, up, inside and around and through some of the great buildings of the Loop, the Pedway never does anything in a straight line. We talk about the Pedway itself, but we also talk about Chicago history and architecture; we see great lobbies and there are a couple of instances of Tiffany glass, so you can’t beat that. This is a quirky, fun, affordable tour and I love showing the pedway to people, locals and visitors alike.

The Mon/Thurs tour is more architectural, we’re seeing the pretty interiors of  City Hall, the Thompson Center and Macy’s – breathtaking!

The Saturday tour is a little….less apologetic….than the other tour. We still see great buildings like Macy’s and the Cultural Center but then the Pedway gets a little gritty, but like, cool, weird, Chicago gritty.

“Margaret Hicks is such an amiable and personable tour guide and is very knowledgeable about Chicago’s architecture, history, facts, and myths. We were shown areas we didn’t know existed and just had the greatest time while staying warm and entertained.” Judi from Memphis


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  1. Any chance that you might do this tour on a Saturday? Looking for something like this for this Saturday, Jan. 7…

  2. Hi Beverly!

    The pedway in parts, is wheelchair accessible, but parts of the pedway are not. If you like, I”d be happy to take you out on a private tour? that way we could do the parts we could definitely do! Does that make sense?

  3. This is a great tour and, frankly, an interesting piece of Chicago’s still developing future. Take the tour; you won’t regret it. In fact, I was just on the tour last week and after 90 minutes of walking and talking, I would have happily done 90 more. This is a fascinating walk through the Chicago infrastructure, especially because the pedway emerged so organically over time, it stands in stark contrast to the city organized by grid. Margaret is also funny as hell; a real hoot.

  4. YAY Nicholas! Thank you so much for this very kind review and thank you for coming on the tour!

  5. Hi… I’m having a family reunion July 13-15, 2012 here in Chicago. I wanted to set up a tour of the pedway for the 14th. If you would be so kind to send me an email with details, that would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi! I was looking to purchase two tickets for the 9/8 tour, but when i went to purchase I didn’t see that date as an option? My boyfriend and I will be in Chicago from 6-10 of september and want to do the pedway tour… is there any available tour within those dates?

  7. Hello, I have a few questions about setting up a group tour. Please email me if possible.

    thank you!

  8. Hi

    I noticed that you offered holiday pedway tours last year. Will you be doing the same this year? I’d need tickets for 6.

  9. Hi there.
    Are the tours still happening? Or only in the winter? I would be interested in participating in one next week.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.


  10. I recently ordered 3 tickets for the pedway tour on Oct. 29. They were sent to me via e-mail and I printed them out. I ordered and paid for a 4th ticket today. The screen said it was e-mailed to me but I have received nothing. Who do I contact to fix this?

  11. I and my wife went on what I believe was the Red Line even though it was very informative it was strenuous for me as i have had two serious back surgeries. I believe the guide walked very fast from stop to stop. Is this pedway tour also very fast walking?

  12. I was looking to take a tour with some friends on Tuesday. I wonder if this is at all possible and if there are any discounted rates for groups?

    Thank you

  13. Good afternoon,

    I’m interested in setting up a group outing for my co-workers and I. It’ll be for approximately 28 people and an afternoon tour would be great. Thanks in advance for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  14. I believe I may have emailed you a few years ago! But never made the tour. Anyway, girls weekend March 16 – just want to be sure there are openings for the tour?

  15. Hi Margaret! Will be in Chicago for one day in July. Your Pedway tour sounds great! Is it appropriate for a seven year old?

  16. Hi Lisa! It can be? It can depend on the kid. I’ve definitely had kids on the tour if they’re generally pretty fine with walking around. We do talk some architecture and history, but the pedway is also strange and fun and weird, so that helps. I’ve never had a problem though, it’s always pretty fun when a young ‘un comes!

  17. We are from Chicago and had a fantastic time on the Pedway Tour. Margaret brought her charm, wit, funny stories, warm personality and infectious smile to the tour. This was the best tour we have done in Chicago. I want to do another one of these pedway tours with Margaret. A must to do in Chicago.

  18. AW! YES! Thank you so much Joanne and Tim! thank you thank you thank you. So great to hear from you. I’m glad you had fun and let me know when you come back!

  19. Hey, around how many people are usually on a tour? I’d be interested in this tour, as the few times I’ve been in the pedway I’ve gotten very lost and disoriented

  20. Hi Caroline! There won’t be any Pedway Tours running on Easter Sunday, but I would be available for a private tour on that day for sure, it just couldn’t be a Pedway Tour because the Pedway basically closes. But if you’re looking for a Highlights Tour or something like that? We could totally do that!

  21. Hi M,
    The tour sounds great. I’m a Chicago resident but I never had a handle on how the Pedway works. My main interest is learning how to get from point to point during inclement weather when I’m downtown say, if I’m using Macy’s or City Hall as my starting point. Also curious about any useful retail or dining options that are underground. Do you cover that kind of detail on the tour? Even if you don’t I’m still gonna take the tour!

  22. Hi Margaret! My partner and I would love to do the Pedway tour, but we have a 1-year old. We could bring her in a carrier since strollers aren’t recommended, but I don’t want to slow the tour down either. Do babies come on the tours often?

  23. Hi Jennifer! YES. Absolutely, babies come all the time. It’s really nice for me because I can check out cute babies and it’s never been a problem – please feel free to come!

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