The Pedway Tour

It’s back! Whoo hoo!

Granted, the fact that the Pedway Tour is back is a sign that lady winter is ready to snow down on us, but still, we have to celebrate where we can right?

Here are the deets:

Mondays/Thursdays at 10:30AM

Tour is 90 minutes

Tickets are $15.00 and reservations are required.

Blah….now here’s the fun stuff…

The tour starts by the Renaissance Hotel and oddly enough, goes up before it goes down. We see the creepiest food court in Chicago and then one of the best. Then I dare you to hate the Thompson Center – seriously, I dare you. We check out the government buildings, talk about the Picasso, swoon as we walk by Beard Papa and head under to arguably one of the ickiest sections of the Pedway under Macy’s. We’ll walk with the trains, hear the voice of Big Brother and get into the “fancy” part of the Pedway. Buildings on the tour include Daley Center, Cultural Center, Macy’s, 233 W. Wacker, City Hall, Thompson Center, Renaissance Hotel, Swissotel, Aqua…and that’s just a few of them.  All this, without ever stepping foot outside.

Everytime I go down there I see something different, learn something else, question what the hell this is doing there and thank the city for it. It has a distinct personality and it really is like a whole other weird city down there.

So why not come check it out with me? See the underbelly!


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