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I actually enjoy riding the train. I get my reading done, it’s relatively quiet (relative to the NYC metro anyhoo) and it’s smooth. I hate riding the bus; I guess I don’t hate it, but it can be frustrating if you’re trying to get somewhere on time or you’re running late. If you have time to hang out and check in with all the crazy people of Chicago, the bus can be a wild ride.

Off topic.

My favorite thing about riding the train is riding the brown line heading into the city. Sure, it’s a slow line, it doesn’t move like the red line, but it’s pretty and I can look out the windows and peep into other people’s backyards and things. I have a slight (heavy) voyeuristic side and the brown line encourages that.

But one of my favorite things in this whole city is the skyline view I get between the Armitage and Sedgwick stops. No matter what kind of day it is – loads of sun or loads of gray – it is always the prettiest view I think.

Coming around that curve, chugging away and this skyline pops up and for just about a minute you get an unfettered view of the city. The Trump Tower stands out, either reflecting the sun or standing strong and matte on a cloudy day. I look at the old Montgomery Ward office tower (now the Montgomery), I used to work for the company that rehabbed that building, I even wrote a book on it that never saw the light of day.

I look at Sears (Willis, whatever) and the Hancock, older brothers keeping watch over the family. And I take all of this in quickly as the view becomes blocked with trees and condo buildings.

What’s your favorite view of the skyline?

9 thoughts on “Brownline Skyline

  1. Looking west on the LSD bridge just south of Navy Pier. You can’t give it a good look when you are driving so the only time I get to see it is when I’m in a cab.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about!! I am a Red Line gal…that’s the direct shot between home and work. But when I first moved here this past year, I had the opportunity to ride the Brown Line for some other reason. WOW, wow, wow – the views! The snaking through neighborhoods and over the river and around the Loop! I now take the Brown Line whenever I’m not being all linear and in a hurry. What a joyful experience!

  3. I like that we have the two lines from the north, the red line that will get you where you need to go quick and the brown line that is slower, but prettier. Thank you for your post!

  4. I have two favorites! The first is driving into the city at night on 290. So beautiful. The other is when the Brown Line crosses over the river downtown, especially in the spring when it’s sunny out.

  5. Good ones! I love it when the brownline goes over the river. So pretty and it reminds me of my wedding day too. Yay Chicago!

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