These are the people in my neighborhood

I know ” Chicago Tour Guide” may not be the sexiest of all professions out there. Somehow though, I managed to find a man to love me despite my clumsiness and  incessant rambling about Chicago architecture.

My husband and I are trying to shop locally. When I say that, I don’t mean that our carrots were grown two houses over and only traveled on a donkey to get here;  I mean that we are staying away from the big box stores like Jewel or Dominicks in favor of smaller and privately owned stores in our neighborhood.

I thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of my local, tiny businesses. They each have their own joy and love about them and now you can go to one of these when you’re in my hood:

Tony’s Food Pantry – 1838 W. Lawrence at Lawrence & Wolcott (across the street from the Sears):

This is my favorite convenience store (in all my years I have never been able to spell “convenience” on my own, I have always needed outside assistance) in all of Chicago. You have to go down a few steps to actually get into the store and then once you are, it’s like a convenience store in Breckenridge. You get a big hearty hello from whoever is behind the counter and the place is clean and inviting. They have all kinds of choices on whatever you may need for your TV watching – all kinds of candies and chips – quite the variety.  The store is little and so cozy, like you could just curl up in the corner and take a little nap. Once you get up to the counter everyone makes sure you found everything okay (which you did because their store makes sense) and you get a smile and some change. Done.

Dogs & Cats Grooming Salon
– 1710 W. Lawrence Ave

Well, I mean, they certainly aren’t that crazy when it comes to naming their business, but that’s fine I suppose. We haven’t gone to Dogs & Cats Grooming Salon for a full on groom, but what they are fantastic for is their $5.00 nail trimming. I take the pup in there and he comes out just moments later with much more floor traction. They’re nice, they’re fast and they’re right around the corner.

I’ll be doing more of these in upcoming weeks to showcase places around my neighborhood. If you have places in your hood you want to shout out, let me know and we can start multiple neighborhoods!

Love it.

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  1. my cat has needed his nails clipped ever since i braught him home. vet charges are human-size. thanks for the tip. im there.

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