A Million Times

photo courtesy of on-no.net

photo courtesy of on-no.net



But Margaret, it’s Friday, how can there be A Million Times post when it’s Friday?  Those happen on Wednesdays!

Well folks, hold on to your hats because today’s Million Times is in reference to this statement that I have heard (and said) a million times:

“It’s so cold out.”

Every year we Chicagoans seem so amazed when the weather changes, when the snow falls, when we fall and break wrists because our neighbors don’t shovel their walk properly.

I have lived here most of my life and am still shocked on mornings like today. My fingers get tingly, my ears red, my nose runs and I was just surprised this morning as I am every year, “wow! It’s so cold!”

Every year I also say this to my handsome husband “you know, I’m getting older, I’m not going to be able to do this for the rest of my life, at some point, we’re going to have to move.”  I said this snippet yesterday and my handsome husband says “I know, you say that every year.”

There is almost nothing that could make me leave this city I love – certainly some fantastic job being some kind of beer drinker in Mexico, or going to work for Pixar even though I know nothing about computers or design or animation – but the cold could eventually drive me away at some point.

But then there is that whole damn summer scenario. The fact that we Chicagoans enjoy summer more than anyone on the planet. We don’t take bike paths and lakes for granted. We go outside and walk around at lunch and we wouldn’t dare go to a restaurant that didn’t have outdoor seating.  If I lived in perpetual sunshine, would I love it as much as I do now?

Do you see yourself having to leave Chicago because of the weather? Do you think it makes us stronger? Are you tired of people complaining when it’s like this EVERY YEAR?
Me too, me too. But seriously, it is really cold out.

2 thoughts on “A Million Times

  1. A good friend of mine now lives in San Diego. When commenting on the weather, I mentioned how much the winter “made me appreciate the summer”

    His response: “I appreciate summer all year long.”

    So…I guess the winter is a point of stubborn pride with Chicagoans. Because I don’t think we’d miss it too much.

  2. I guess I can see that, but I don’t believe your San Diego friend, I just don’t! Call him up! Tell him what I think! I also think the cold brings us together in this city. Already today it snowed just a smidge and every Chicagoan is talking about it, it’s kind of interesting that way. Without the cold and the weather I think this city would be even more violent than it is because we all would have nothing to talk about!

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